FutureShack – 2010

posted by Jay on 10/05/2011

We submitted a Passive House design based on an unbuilt project, reworked to meet this stringent energy standard, to the AIA FutureShack competition. The theme for this event was “Changing Communities, Changing Economics, Changing Technologies”, and we felt this small single-family design, based on a highly energy- efficient methodology was important to share with our local community.

A small, super-energy efficient house, designed to “Passive House” standards, on a very small lot designed for two people, that takes into account real-world energy concerns.

Changing Communities & Economics & Technologies:

  • The “treated” (thermally conditioned) floor area is 1040 sf. The house is set on a small subdivided lot, overlooks I-90, Sam Smith Park and Mt Rainier. Reducing energy consumption and building small are the key ideas behind this compact design.

  • The modular wall layout provides for a resource efficient use of materials; the walls can be pre-fabricated off-site, and the interior is designed as an open natural light filled space with grand views to the south of Mt Rainier and will take advantage of the solar exposure, while also balancing the overall energy consumption for space conditioning, and domestic use for food preparation, bathing, work, and play.

  • The design allows for use of conventional materials, minimizes the use of steel, and can be combined with SIPs (structural insulated panels) to reduce on-site construction time.

Code Issues:

  • The code requires an off-street parking space, and vehicles cannot back onto the arterial, which pushed the design for a shared driveway with the neighboring property.