Healthy Homes Training for Building Professionals

posted by Jay on 03/15/2011

One of the best classes I can recommend for learning about creating healthy environments and improved indoor air quality is one I just completed this month, offered by the tm4group. It’s the Healthy Homes for Building Professionals class, a state of the art building science class covering eight significant topics in constructing and remodeling homes.

This seven-week course for construction and design professionals focuses on incorporating sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient building techniques in residential construction. The class covers and explains the indoor air quality techniques designated by several green building programs. Extensive in-depth information and resources were provided, which applies directly to daily practices. The training can satisfy the coursework required for Health House Builder certification, though I am not currently engaged in this overall training.

The topics address impacts associated with the practical applications of healthy building techniques. We learned healthy construction techniques, visited a home for some hands-in understanding of the needs for indoor air quality in an older home.

Classes were taught by national and regional experts in various fields. Instructors include: Harriet Ammann, Ph.D, D.A.B.T./ Former Sr. Toxicologist for DOE and DOH; Nicole Starnes Taylor/ AIA, MAKE Design Studio; Dan Wildenhaus/ Building Science Specialist, NW Energy Star Homes; Dan Morris/ Senior IAQ Consultant, EHS International, Scott Ballou/ MM Comfort Systems; Thor Peterson/ Consultant, Synthesis Consulting; Aileen Gagney/ MArch, MFA, GA-C, HHS, Environmental; Jon Alexander/ Sunshine Construction LLC; Doug Kennedy/ Operations Manager, Pathway Design & Construction; and Cate O’dahl/ Owner and Instructor, EPS Services.